MCS sponsor Cleve RFC: The Story

Cleve RFC Sponsorship

Cleve RFC is a rugby club that is near to the heart of our managing director at MCS, Scott Hill, as he and many others around him grew up in the community within the rugby club. Many young men owe a great deal to Cleve for the life experiences and character development they have gained over the years as well as the opportunities they have been presented with.

Cleve offers a rugby team for a variety of age ranges, varying from under 6s and touch rugby to an adult first, second and third team. The clubhouse is a valued space for the community and is a space where old friends catch up after years and people form new connections through mutual friends.

Cleve RFC: Close to the heart of MCS Managing Director, Scott Hill

Scott, Managing Director at MCS, grew up here playing rugby, being coached by his dad and thus came his three daughters who spent their childhood watching their dad from the sideline every Saturday.

All the above are reasons as to why Cleve RFC is such a special part of our community and why, at MCS, we value them so much.

In recent years Cleve has struggled to stay afloat, with bigger clubs and better facilities popping up in the area, Cleve lost a lot of its players and support. It has been important to us at MCS to keep the memories and traditions alive.  In order to do this, we have sponsored team club for the 2023/2024 season.

We have provided the club with new kits, training equipment and upkeep of the grounds. Some things we have helped Cleve with include, fixing their floodlights and replacing their AC. Cleve have been incredibly grateful and appreciative of this, and we hope to be able to support them throughout the coming years.