Sponsoring the youth of our community at MCS

Sponsoring the youth of our community at MCS

At MCS, we believe that our core values extend beyond the realms of fit-outs and M&E services. Central to our ethos is a deep-rooted commitment to wellbeing, community engagement, and nurturing future generations. This belief is not just a statement but a practice we actively uphold through various sponsorships and community initiatives.

The Heart of Our Sponsorship: Nurturing Young Talent

One of our key initiatives is supporting the South Gloucestershire and Stroud College rugby academy. We recently had the honor of sponsoring their rugby kits for an international tour in Spain and France. This initiative goes beyond mere sponsorship; it’s an investment in the health, wellbeing, and global exposure of our youth.

Moreover, our partnership with Cleve RFC, a local rugby club, reinforces our dedication to local sports. It’s heartening to see players from our community excelling and embodying the values of teamwork and resilience, values we at MCS hold in high regard.


More Than Just a Game: Building Confidence and Community

Our support extends to various age groups and sports, reflecting our belief in inclusivity and diversity. For instance, our sponsorship of Cleve Rugby Club for the 2023/2024 season encompasses both youth and adult teams. This initiative is detailed further here. It symbolises our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and unity across different age groups.

Additionally, our involvement with Cullompton Rangers’ Under 10s football team, especially in providing training tops for a newly formed team, instills a sense of identity and unity among the young players. Similarly, our support for Chipping Sodbury RFC spans from Under 7s to senior teams, including a women’s section, showcasing our dedication to offering equal opportunities for all.

Local teams like Coalpit Heath FC’s Under 8’s and Under 10’s also benefit from our sponsorship, emphasising our commitment to nurturing talent right at our doorstep.

Beyond Local Boundaries: Supporting Wider Communities

Our community initiatives aren’t confined to local boundaries. We are proud sponsors of Billericay Town FC’s youth teams. By equipping them with quality kits, we aim to bolster their confidence and help them feel part of something bigger.

A Future Built on Solid Values

At MCS, our sponsorship activities are more than just financial contributions. They are a testament to our belief in the potential of the youth, the strength of our communities, and the importance of physical and mental wellbeing. Through these efforts, we aim to cultivate environments where young talents can thrive, communities can bond, and future leaders can emerge.