Building Futures Together: MCS’s Impact on Construction Careers in Schools and Colleges

MCS for the future…

In 2023, MCS has significantly contributed to enhancing Bristol’s educational landscape by forging dynamic collaborations with numerous schools and colleges. This partnership has been pivotal in empowering students and expanding their perspectives towards careers in construction. Through a variety of engaging and influential initiatives, MCS has diligently worked to impart knowledge about the construction industry to students at various educational levels.

MCS has established programmes and activities at several institutions, including Ashton Park, Oasis John Williams Academy, Brimsham Green School, Abbeywood School, Cirencester College, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, and Orchard School, to introduce students to the myriad opportunities within the construction sector.

Supporting a new era of innovation…

Among these initiatives, MCS supported practical projects such as Ashton Park’s Year 10 careers day, which involved students in designing and constructing a focal structure using straws and connectors. Additionally, MCS offered mentoring sessions and workshops across various schools, presenting a wide range of construction careers, from project management to estimating.

Our collaboration with Abbeywood School, facilitated by the Engineering Development Trust, involved sponsoring a group of Year 9 students in a STEM project. This initiative underscores MCS’s dedication to fostering future talent and encouraging innovation in construction from an early age.

Moreover, MCS’s support for specific courses at Cirencester College, including the design, surveying, planning T-level, and building services T-level programmes, has significantly contributed to the academic and practical development of students aspiring to construction-related careers.

Bridging the gap between education and construction…

A highlight of MCS’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the construction industry was the Girls in Construction Trade day. This event, organised in partnership with South Gloucestershire and Stroud College during National Apprenticeship Week, stands as a testament to MCS’s dedication.

Additionally, MCS’s involvement with Orchard School in the BristolWORKS project, which focused on repurposing an empty space in the Galleries Shopping Centre, demonstrates a commitment to community-oriented, hands-on initiatives that inspire students to appreciate the real-world impact of their potential future careers.

Through these strategic partnerships, MCS has been instrumental in bridging the gap between education and the construction industry. By providing students with hands-on experiences, mentorship, and insights into a variety of construction-related careers, MCS has enabled young minds to explore and consider rewarding paths within the industry.

In conclusion, MCS’s collaborative efforts with various educational institutions have been key in fostering interest in construction careers among students. By actively engaging with schools and colleges, MCS has not only enriched educational experiences but has also laid the groundwork for a more diverse, skilled, and innovative workforce in the construction industry.