MCS Partners with Vinney Green Secure Children

MCS Partners with Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home to Empower Young People for Future Success

A new and exciting collaboration between MCS and Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home will help young people gain valuable insights into a career in the construction industry. Danielle Haskings and Veda Hill, Social Value team and Enterprise Advisors, have been working with Rona Chellew (Careers Leader) in coordinating a series of activities aimed at raising aspirations and helping their young people with the skills and knowledge needed for Employment.

One of the key initiatives organised by the partnership is the Careers Carousel, scheduled during National Careers Week. The event will see local construction organisations participating to showcase apprenticeship programmes, work experience opportunities, and various career paths available in the construction sector. Acorn Recruitment, a local business, will also be actively involved, offering guidance on crafting effective CVs and honing interview techniques.

A highlight of National Apprenticeship Week will be the visit of local business owner Junior Saunders. Junior, who transformed his life from a background in care to becoming a successful business owner, will share his personal journey and discuss the importance of mindset and belief. Notably, he will shed light on how a criminal record did not hinder his path to success, serving as an inspiring example for the young individuals at Vinney Green.

A requirement to a career in the construction industry is a CSCS card. MCS has supported Vinney Green in becoming a registered CSCS card examination centre and the availability of this will have a significant impact on the young person’s employability. This will be trialled in February 2024. This initiative ensures that the young people at Vinney Green have the opportunity to obtain their CSCS cards before leaving, making them fully prepared for the workforce. The CSCS card, widely recognised in the construction industry, is a valuable asset for those seeking employment in this field.

Danielle Haskings, Head of Sustainability and Social Value at MCS, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are proud to be working with Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home to provide these young individuals with a pathway to success. Through a series of engaging activities, mentorship, and practical support, we aim to empower them with the tools necessary to thrive in the construction industry and beyond.”

This new collaboration between MCS and Vinney Green Secure Children’s Home is a testament to the power of community engagement and social value in fostering positive change. We envisage that this will be the start of a strong and long-term relationship that will provide mentorship, resources, and practical support, so that both organisations are contributing to the development of a skilled and empowered workforce for the future.